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A group of children play with a football
Screen Off, Life On!

Get up, get out, get happy!

A public resource, created with Bradford families, to support everyone to swap some time on screen, for activities off screen.

The aim? To feel good and move more.

Use our fun spinning activity swapper to help you choose activities that you can use in your journal. These will help you to swap some time on screen for other activities off screen.

Complete your simple 3 week Screen Off Life On journal to help you feel better and move more. Once completed you will be entered into the JU:MP prize draw for a chance to win a Go Kart or £50 worth of Love to Shop vouchers!


Other things to do

Family member guide

Show your screen who's boss with this guide that includes 3 simple things you can do as a family, why it’s great to get outdoors, 10 tips for making a switch and how to find out about local events and activities to move more and feel better!

View and print document

Activity swapper

A small swap can make a big difference. Try switching your screens off and then spinning the swapper wheel to pick an activity to help you get up, get out and get happy instead!

View and print document

Tiny guide

This tiny guide includes everything you need to live your best life on and off screens, find the right balance for you and be healthier and happier!

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Did you know?

84% of Bradford parents would like their children to spend more time playing outdoors in real life rather than on screens?


Other things to do

Children's journal

This journal will help you to plan the next 3 weeks to swap some screen time for something fun off screen to feel good and move more!

View and print document

What can you swap?

Here are some fun ideas to try. A small switch can make a big difference. Moving more can make you happier, healthier and sleep better.

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Parent journal

This journal will help you to plan the next 3 weeks to swap some screen time for something fun off screen to feel good and move more!

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Going out?

Make sure your children go with a friend or family member if you can. It’s safer and more fun – Remember to be safe!

How to set screen limits

Want to know how to set limits on any screen? Click the button below.

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31 July 2023

Two new play parks for families

Two brand new play parks are set to open in late summer 2023. The project will see part of Drummond Road recreational ground and St Michaels recreational ground on White Abbey Road transformed into nature based play areas for the…

19 July 2023

First app of it’s kind launches in Bradford

JU:MP (Join Us: Move. Play), in collaboration with Born in Bradford (BiB), has launched Bestlife, the first FREE physical activity app of its kind, with a wide selection of activities and quests that immerses young people in the animated city…

17 July 2023

Windhill Wild Park is now open!

JU:MP is delighted to announce the opening of Windhill Wild Park, a new interactive outdoor space in Windhill, on the outskirts of Shipley. The project which is a collaboration between JU:MP, Bradford Council, Make Space For Girls and Windhill Community…