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Campaign resources for partners

JU:MP campaigns

Here you will find free resources to download for all five JU:MP campaigns including, Join the JU:MP movement, JU:MP@Home, JU:MP Outdoors, Screen off, Life on! and Bestlife. The aim? To help your local community to get up, get out and get happy!


Feel good and move more everyday!

Join the JU:MP movement

Resources to be able to run your own Fun Days either in schools or out in the community. The aim? To join the JU:MP movement and move more everyday!

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Feel good and move more everyday!


Resources for the first FREE physical activity App of it’s kind, where young people and families can immerse themselves in the animated city of Bradford. The aim? To get up, get out and get happy!

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Get up, get out, get happy!

Screen off, Life on!

Resources to support everyone to swap some time on screen, for activities off screen. The aim? To feel good and move more!

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Let's bring back outdoor play!

JU:MP Outdoors

Resources to ‘Bring back outdoor play’ whatever the weather – to call on the Bradford community to help children and their families feel good and move more outdoors!

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Let’s move and play every day!


Resources to ‘JU:MP@Home’ – to call on the Bradford community to help children and their families feel good and move more indoors! Families can adapt the games for children of different ages and abilities too and the team hope playing them will create some great memories of this time spent at home together.

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08 May 2024

JU:MP Outdoors – Get involved in our latest campaign

Join Us Move Play are pleased to announce the return of JU:MP Outdoors. JU:MP Outdoors is a campaign which specifically seeks to encourage outdoor play, no matter the weather! It is more important than ever, to help support and encourage…

13 December 2023

Poems to get you moving!

A group of fantastic girls have been on a super cool mission for over a year. They teamed up with the JU:MP team to help us figure out how to get children and families in Bradford active! These girls aren’t…

01 November 2023

What is Bestlife and how are we making it better?

Over the course of September through to November, JU:MP researchers have been conducting focus groups in a variety of primary and secondary schools. The focus groups involved getting the children to test out the Bestlife app first hand and feedback…