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Be Safe

These helpful guidelines relate to safety and outdoor play.

Always ask your parent/carer for permission before you set off. Remember to tell them where you are going, who you are going with and when you expect to be back. For more information visit

It can be great to encourage older children and young people to get out and about independently but it’s every parent or carers decision based on your child and circumstances.

Here are some of the benefits

Getting outdoors and off screens can:

  • Help them be more active and feel better
  • Build their resilience and independence
  • Develop skills for adult life
  • Be a lot of fun and it’s FREE!

Being online can also have risks for children and sitting down for long periods is not good for our health so it’s about a balanced approach.

Here are some top tips to help you make the decision

  • Check your child can cross the road safely on their own
  • Go with a friend or family member – it’s safer and more fun!
  • They might want to take a mobile phone with them so they can reach you if they need to
  • Check out your local parks and greenspaces yourself as that may help you feel more confident

Here is more information on keeping children safe if you have concerns

Bradford is a great place to be a child. Did you know?

  • Bradford has lots of parks and greenspace from formal Victorian parks to wild moorlands
  • Bradford has 44 parks and six have Green Flag Awards!
  • Being active outdoors in parks and greenspace can be good for our mental and physical health

“Many of us played out all the time as children and remember how much fun it was, so we want your children to have this experience too.” Parent