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Feel good and move more everyday!

Immerse yourself in the animated city of Bradford and move more with our new FREE physical activity App!

With a wide selection of activities and quests, you can earn points and rewards for your personalised avatar. Complete lots of different fun activities, outdoors and at home, to feel good and move more.


Let’s move more and feel better!

The gaming App has lots of fun activities to try, from shooting hoops, running, skipping and push ups to frog squats, mindful walks and jumping jacks. The more activities young people complete, the more points they earn for rewards and prizes!

People can easily play the game alone, with friends or even compete as a group for more points. Families and friends can also complete fun activities together everywhere, without being tied to a place. So they can live their Bestlife whenever and wherever they are.

What do you need to do?
That’s easy! All you have to do is scan the correct QR code below to download the App for your family. People should be at least 16 years old to download and access the App, unless they are under 16, in which case they’ll need your permission (from their parent or guardian), who will supervise their use of the App.

The great thing about Bestlife is that it has been co-designed with young people, and design features include avatars and gamification with personal and team goals! JU:MP’s Programme Director, Jan Burkhardt
Did you know?

84% of Bradford parents would like their children to spend more time playing outdoors?

Going out?

Make sure your children go with a friend or family member if you can. It’s safer and more fun – Remember to be safe!

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31 July 2023

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19 July 2023

First app of it’s kind launches in Bradford

JU:MP (Join Us: Move. Play), in collaboration with Born in Bradford (BiB), has launched Bestlife, the first FREE physical activity app of its kind, with a wide selection of activities and quests that immerses young people in the animated city…

17 July 2023

Windhill Wild Park is now open!

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