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Poems to get you moving!

13 December 2023

By: Emma Wragg - JU:MP Staff

A group of fantastic girls have been on a super cool mission for over a year. They teamed up with the JU:MP team to help us figure out how to get children and families in Bradford active!

These girls aren’t just sitting back and letting the researchers do all the work! They are citizen scientists which means they work side by side with the JU: MP researchers, to share their experience and make the research and the JU:MP programme even better.

These girls haven’t just given their opinions, they have been doing their own research projects. The young scientists have been exploring how things like school, family and parks play a huge role in how active they can be.

It doesn’t stop there! These young citizen scientists too their talents to the stage at The University of Bradford’s Theatre by the Mill. They performed for friends, family and researchers. They wrote poems that shout out the importance of family, screen time, trampolining and being active to all the families in Bradford.

So a massive thanks to Jahzara and Aaleyah for showing us how they stay active and doing it in the most creative ways!

Poem 1:

People know how important it is to be physically active,
Helping your health, by moving all day long,
You wont be healthy if you are inactive.
So get up and move along, help yourself be fit and strong.
Improve your health and have fun.
Cut down your screen time, increase your productivity.
Adopt a new ability, improve your health, make sure your steps are done.
Let’s start embracing physical activity!

All your family can come along, brothers, sisters, cousins and sons
Create memories with some festivity
Try not to travel by car

Inch by inch we can all go far
Volleyball football basketball and skating
It’s more fun when family is involved
Time flies when you are having fun
You can be number one

Poem 2:

People on the go finding their groove,
Smiling, laughing whilst on the move.
Engaging in activities to get the blood pumping,
Hearts racing fast as on the trampoline they are jumping.
From parks, community centres, to fields near your house,
Physical activity always finds a way to pounce.
They swing like the hands on a clock,
They dance till the music has stopped.
So let’s embrace physical activity as it brings us joy, pride and festivity.

Make sure to check out JU:MP’s What’s On to find local activities going on in your area!

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