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JU:MP Outdoors this winter!

01 December 2022

By: Emma Wragg - JU:MP Staff

JU:MP (Join Us: Move. Play), supported by Magpie’s creative behaviour change, are here to help families get up, get out and play outdoors, whatever the weather.

Scotchman Road Chalk Walk

You may have recently noticed some colourful shapes on the pavement in and around Scotchman Road. Our Chalk Walks are back for 2022 and Scotchman Road is the very first one!

The trail is a perfect short wintery walk for families. The Chalk Walk can be enjoyed for the next few weeks, but on Saturday 3 December we’ll be at Kashmir Park with a prize table between 1pm and 3pm (check out the map below) Come along, take part in the walk, come and see us at the stall and tell us how many star jump shapes you can see, and we’ll give you a prize!

Last year we worked with Bradford Council’s Landscape, Design and Conservation team to develop the new Kashmir Park play site, working closely with local families and the local councillors to transform the previously unused area into a play area that can be enjoyed by the wider communities of Bradford. We hope you enjoy the park after the Chalk Walk.

Some new additions to Scotchman Road

This year we’ve given Scotchman Road a little makeover – not only is the Chalk Walk up and running, but we’ve also had some beautiful lamppost banners put up. Can you spot your friends and family on some of the banners? Have a walk and take a look! If you take a walk in the area please do take a selfie, tag us and use #JumpOutdoorsTrail and #OutdoorPlayMatters

JU:MP Outdoors activity ideas

Take a look at our dedicated outdoor play page for lots of activity ideas. From Capture the Flag to Kick the Can, there’s something for everyone.


Screen Off, Life On!

Do you know about ‘Screen Off, Life On’? We’ve been supporting Bradford families to swap screen time for activities off screen to help children and young people to get up, get out, and get happy! As half term approaches, and opportunity for more time on screen increases, why not give our screen time journal and activity swapper a go? 

The journal is a great way to keep track of screen time and progress over a few weeks, and our activity swapper is full of great ideas like swapping screen time for a walk in the park with family and friends – you could even do the Chalk Walk as one of the activities. If you complete the journal you will be entered into the JU:MP prize draw for a chance to win a Go Kart or £50 worth of Love to Shop vouchers!

Join the JU:MP movement, along with over 9,100 family members, and get involved with our #JumpOutdoorsTrail

Watch this space for more Chalk Walk announcements coming soon!