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JU:MP Outdoors – Get involved in our latest campaign

08 May 2024

By: Sarah McCann - JU:MP Staff

Join Us Move Play are pleased to announce the return of JU:MP Outdoors. JU:MP Outdoors is a campaign which specifically seeks to encourage outdoor play, no matter the weather!

It is more important than ever, to help support and encourage our Bradford families and children (aged 5 to 14) to move and play more! Movement outdoors seeks to encourage a more happier and healthier lifestyle. JU:MP Outdoors aims to reduce the barriers and motivate more families to move and play outdoors whatever the weather.

We have developed a number of resources to support the campaign, which can be found on our website here These include activity ideas for different lengths of time and ages.

To get involved in the campaign please tag us into any of your photos and videos and use the campaign hashtag #JumpOutdoors and tag us on social media:

Twitter – @JoinUsMovePlay

Instagram –

Facebook – Join Us Move Play

The photos could be anything related to playing your favourite sport, walking in the park, or playing with friends and family.

Follow ‘JU:MP OUTDOORS’ on social media via #JumpOutdoors