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Are you a JU:MP Next Generation Leader?

11 August 2022

By: Emma Wragg - JU:MP Staff

Are you personable, committed and perceptive? Are you aged 16 to 25? JU:MP is looking for friendly, open and driven Next Generation Leaders who want to work in their local community.

You will be, engaging with community groups and individuals across Bradford, to develop dynamic and inspirational local leaders who can be positive peers and contribute to the development of sustainable activity creating an inspirational legacy.

The JU:MP Leads programme aims to identify, train and support local young people from the JU:MP Local Delivery Pilot areas (see below locations) to become physical activity leaders (JU:MP Leads) in their community.

The project will give you the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications in sports and physical activity that will equip you to engage with inactive children and families in informal physical activity.

You will also be provided with the opportunity to be mentored by professional physical activity coaches and facilitators in the wider JU:MP project.  Working with Locally Trusted Organisations rooted in their community to identify, develop and support young people through a bespoke and personally tailored programme including, training, experience, mentoring and support.

#NextGen recognises successes of all sizes, delivered over a period time of time that suits the young people and is committed to the needs of the community and voices of those living in it. Supporting young people to support their local areas while seeing beyond the boundaries of where they live by working with and learning from young people and trusted adults from other areas to identify and achieve their goals.

Our current JU:MP Leads showcase their impact and growth:

“I think the biggest growth for me is the confidence … because I would never call myself a runner or a cyclist. They say, I do a bit of running, but I’m not a professional. But now… [I know that] I don’t need to be [a professional], I just need to have the confidence to say, I’ve got some knowledge and I can pass that on, and let’s learn together.” (JU:MP Lead)

“I think the biggest success is having the confidence to do things on my own. At the start, I was so new to any kind of sport. I only started running a couple of months before I joined JU:MP. So at that point, I wouldn’t have even imagined where I am now, which is having my own running group. These guys gave me the confidence and the qualification … and I’ve kind of made it my own.” (JU:MP Lead)

Where will you be based?

We are currently recruiting in the following areas:

  • Manningham, City, Heaton and Toller (4 JU:MP Leads)
  • Girlington, Heaton, Manningham, Fairweather Green, Allerton and Frizinghall areas (4 JU:MP Leads)
  • Undercliffe (4 JU:MP Leads)
  • Manningham, City and Allerton (8 JU:MP Leads)

How can you find out more?

We will be hosting an introduction event on the 21 September, 5:30pm to 8pm, where you can find out more about what is involved in the programme.

If you would like to attend or have any questions, please email