Drawing of the sun Drawing of a plane Drawing of a cloud Drawing of a balloon Drawing of a balloon Drawing of a bird Drawing of a bird Join us: Move. Play.

Try these things at home to stay happy and active with your family and friends.

Number 1

Make Your Own Game

Get creative and invent your own game.

Go on, give it a try!

Hand drawn picture of four question marks

Number 2

Hand drawn image of musical notes

Dance to Music

You can have fun every day by listening to your favourite songs and creating your own dance routine.

Number 3

Play hide and seek

Pair up and have fun together that way you won’t get lost!

Hand drawn image of two people playing hide and seek amongst trees

Number 4

Hand drawn picture of two trees and a bicycle

Bike ride in the park

Try a different route and explore new places around your local area.

Number 5

Jump in some puddles

Grab your wellies and have some messy fun! See who can create the biggest splash!

Image of two wellies jumping into a puddle

Number 6

Two people playing football

Play with friends

Grab your bat and ball and invite your friends for a game of football or cricket!

Number 7

Family day out

Get your walking shoes on and visit your favourite places.

Hand dran image of three trees and a house

Number 8

Hand drawn image of Kancha (marbles)

 try a new street game

Draw yourself a hopscotch, grab your skipping rope or play tig with friends.

A pencil drawing image of a kite flying above trees A pencil drawing of a bicycle A pencil drawing image people playing football